All Tampa Notary Public Services

Ready to notarize? When it comes to notarizing your business and personal documents, Tampa Notay Co; can get the job done. If you're looking for a mobile notary public services in Tampa, look no further than us.

Some standard documents that we notarize at Tampa Notary include; Marriage Notary, Powers of Attorney Notary, Divorces Notary, Advanced Health Care Documents Notary, Acknowledgments Notary, Odometer & Vin Verification Notary, Affidavits Notary, Real Estate Closings Notary, Authenticate a Signature (witnessing a signature), Notary, Real Estate Matters Notary, Oaths Notary, I9 Verification Notary, Wills Notary, Other Court Documents Notary, Bills of Sale Notary, Photocopy Certificate Notary, School Medical Forms, Telephone Hearing Notary, And many other Notary Services.

Document notarization is essential to the transferral of real property and validating legal documents in Florida. If you are buying or selling property, a home, land, car, or boat, you'll become acquainted with document notarization and see why it is essential to have the very best Tampa Notary Public working with you.

I heard I don't need a Notary. Do I need a Notary?

The signing of most legal documents requires that a notary be present to ensure that:
  1. Documents are complete.
  2. Signer's identities are verified and are real and proven.
  3. Signers understand the documents they are signing.
  4. Signers are entering into a transaction of their own free will and not being coerced or manipulated.

What is a Tampa Notary Co., Notary Public?

A Florida Notary Public is an "Official of Integrity" commissioned by the office of the Governor of the State of Florida. Notaries are appointed to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing various official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents, and that is why it is crucial to be signing in a Notaries presence. 

So, don't sign yet! Florida law considers many documents to be significant enough to be signed in the presence of the Tampa Notary Co, Notary Public. The Notary Public is directly responsible for determining that the person or people signing are whom they state before they sign a document, having a Notary first to verify the identities and instruct on how and where to sign the documents.